iANT Middle
The middle school program is a great option for parents looking to set their children for a successful academic career; middle school grades are not weighted in college applications, but the base knowledge and habits learned during this time can impact the way students confront and experience academic issues later in high school and college. This in mind, iANT's Middle School program is designed to prepare students for the rigor of a High School education. Students in the program are challenged to learn an extensive amount of material ranging from upper level English vocabulary to accelerated mathematics. Additionally, students are encouraged to begin cultivating interests and study skills that will benefit them in academic backgrounds through Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, and early Literature and public speaking courses.

iANT Middle

PSAT Bootcamp
iANT's Summer PSAT bootcamp is an intensive middle school curriculum designed to give students an early start on standardized testing and practicing good academic habits in preparation for their High School careers. The program’s focus on critical reading, English grammar, verbal reasoning, and mathematics, offers comprehensive guidance that will positively influence student academics early on.
PSAT Classes
The PSAT class curriculum is meant to establish a basis in freshman level critical reading skills, English grammar, and Mathematics. The course is especially useful for refreshing basics and correcting bad academic habits or inconsistencies.
Classical Novel/Creative Writing
The literature and writing portion of our middle school curriculum is designed to help establish good communication and reading habits that will impact every facet of academia and information synthesis in the future. Even in an increasingly digital world, the ability to read, decipher, and communicate information is still a valuable skill best established through reading and analyzing text. Through these courses we hope to ease students into good reading and writing habits that will serve them well into high school and beyond.
Math/Science Preview
The Middle School math and science curriculum serves as an opportunity for students to get comfortable with more advanced concepts they will inevitably encounter in high school. Additionally, pursuing more difficult mathematic courses earlier on can allow students to advance their mathematics courses to include AP classes for extra thorough college preparations.