Speech & Debate Leadership Course is a multipurpose course designed to assist students in developing the skills necessary to lead their peers as well as develop as public speakers and debate. Primary focus involves:

1. Public awareness
Students will aim to be aware of issues going on around them and how its related to them. Learning how to comprehensively discuss such topics and see both sides of the issue despite personal opinion is very important. Also being able to reconcile different opinions and think up of answers on the fly will be extremely important.
2. Body Language Training
Students will be put through a basic program in body language interpretation and study. What to do to appear confident and what not to do in certain situations in order to either assert positions or convince other individuals to listen and/or understand. Also students will be tested on their ability to understand body language cues and apply them to real life situations to both better their relationships with the individuals around them.
3. Speech
Students will be set to practice their public speaking skills and well as their business/professional speech skills. The goal is to teach students how to lead their peers as well as work with older individuals. These skills are designed to be used in a multitude of settings and are designed to overlap with skills necessary to lead students groups like Junior State of America, Model United Nations, and Speech and Debate. The goal is NOT to follow standardized speech and debate formats (Lincoln Douglass or Parliamentary Style) but to offer students multipurpose skills that can be used flexibly.
4. Leadership Skills
The goal here to teach students to not be afraid of responsibility and learn to handle pressure from peers. General skills including learning to plan out schedules as well as learning how to delegate responsibilities and navigate groups.