iANT High
iANT's High School program is designed to assist students achieve educational excellence and college readiness. Through providing personalized tools and qualified instruction, we push students to earn positive results in standardized tests, attain desired class grades, plan satisfactory schedules and anticipate their long-term goals.
Our objective is to help students navigate their course loads and the increasingly competitive expectations of college admissions today, while also encouraging students who are underperforming to realize their full potential. Students in the high school program may go through a multitude of different class series, though standard class sets include SAT or ACT, SATIIs, and Advanced Placement Courses supplemented with additional 1 on 1 tutoring as necessary. The pace and structure of the program varies with each student according to school year, academic accomplishment, current standing school standing, and future career objectives.
Because of this, we often recommend a series of diagnostic tests and a meeting with a college counselor at the beginning of the program, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the student and how to best move forward.

iANT High

SAT students are provided a comprehensive review of Critical Reading, Writing, Math, and the time management and reading skills necessary to do well. Additionally, students are taught the understanding of English rhetorical language necessary for the new SAT essay portion.
ACT students are provided an equally complete review of Critical Reading, Writing, Math, and Science (as necessary for achieving ACT standards). They are also trained in the writing argumentation necessary to succeed in the ACT essay portion.
College Counseling
iANT's Counselors work thoroughly one-on-one with students to guide them through the process of preparing for and applying to choose colleges and universities. The path to success is different for every student and our personalized approach to everything from extracurricular to course planning, financial aid, reflects this.
Classical Novel/Creative Writing
Our speech and debate courses look to deviate from the standard expectations of competitive debate and public speaking. Instead, they seek to encourage students to develop the confidence and communication skills to get hold of in-school leadership opportunities and network with outside organizations.
Speech & Debate Leadership Course
This course is extremely different from the standard expectations of speech and debate. This class does not look to simply engage students in speech and debate competitions but rather encourage students to utilize their public speaking skills to grasp opportunities found in in-school leadership and with outside organizations.
Advanced Placement (AP)
At iANT we aim to give students the skills and resources necessary to not just do well in high school, but to thrive in college. This is especially the case with higher level Advanced Placement (AP) courses that usually entail a bigger workload and college level performance. Our instructors are all well versed in their respective fields, and not only teach, but provide feedback on study habits, motivation, and college level note taking. In addition to supplemental tutoring for AP courses, we offer comprehensive AP prep courses the summer BEFORE school begins, to prepare students for the incoming deluge of material and help them successfully weather the storm.
SATII (SAT Subject Tests)
The SATII are an optional series of tests based off 20 individual subjects. Subject material ranges from advanced mathematics (upper Precalculus) and sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) to history (United States, and World History) and Language. However, certain schools require you take certain tests to attend, and it is recommended to have taken at least two when applying to the University of California system. The tests are also helpful in improving student credentials, as high scores in certain subjects denotes interest and aptitude in certain areas. Here at iANT we offer both guidance on how to use the SAT II Subject Tests to your advantage, and preparatory guidance on how to improve scores.
iANT ACT/SAT Boot Camp
iANT's signature ACT/SAT Boot Camp provides an intensive 8 week learning experience geared towards teaching students everything they need to know to succeed in their respective standardized tests. Students will also be given diagnostic tests and counseling before classes begin, in order to see which test is in their best interest to take.
iANT Winter Camp
The iANT Winter Camp is a 15 day intensive winter program that specializes in preparing students between school semesters. Students go through a rigorous testing and teaching schedule that revolves around their upcoming SAT/ACTs, SAT IIs, or AP courses.