What is iANT Education?

iANT Education is a private education institution committed to assuring a learning experience that will assist students in achieving their greatest potential through a combination of rigorous academic preparation, established teaching methods, and program management. We offer a wide range of services including personalized college counseling, specialized group classes, and private tutoring on a large number of various subjects. Our instructors are accomplished and well versed in teaching topics and tests ranging from the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL exams to higher level High School AP courses.

Why iANT Education?

You will be hard pressed to find a team of individuals as dedicated to personalized educational feedback as the people here at iANT. We work tirelessly to make sure each student who walks in is brought up with a tailored approach that is unique to each student. This can only be accomplished with an incredible amount of communication between our staff and clientele while also maintaining a team of individuals flexible and experienced enough to fluidly adapt to each situation.


Grace Kim


Welcome to iANT Education! Throughout my life, my passion has been to help improve education.. More